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Training Services:

Pure Speed Program

The focus is to assess athlete movement and further improve athletes rate of acceleration and max velocity (Top Speed). The Pure Speed Program is speed program for athletes of all ages and all sports. This is program has benefited football, basketball, track & field, and volleyball players.

Sports-Specific Performance Training

Every sport has a specific movement pattern athletes must master and execute to perform at the highest level to be successful. JSI uses sports specific training exercises to prepare and develop athletes sport specific abilities.

Strength/Resistance Training

Athletes need to produce force and power at fast rate in order to perform at the most competitive level of their sport. JSI offers resistance programs that are guaranteed to improve strength, power, and physical aspects of each athlete.

Mental Focus Training

Athletes must learn and understand how to stay focused in competitive and non competitive activities. JSI mental focus training concentrates on 3 aspects of improving mental performance

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